Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) True Up Guide

Your EA with Microsoft allows you to use licenses referenced in your Customer Price Sheet (CPS). This guide will help understand the requirements and timescales of your Annual True Up.

Once a year you need to report to Microsoft the increase in licenseable deployments across the estate. In subscription models this could be a decrease. You will need to report an all up number of the qualified desktops, users, and processors added to your organization over the year. This process is a great way to start putting the foundations down for a basic SAM program. Crayon has various options that can assist further here, increasing your SAM Maturity.

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True-Up process timeline

Most Large Account Reseller’s should engage with you in what’s referred to in the channel as the T-36 plan. This basically gives guidance on the requirements from Microsoft, LAR & Customer which ensures you are utilising your benefits, understand your obligations and more importantly use and increase the product portfolio.

Sixty days before your agreement expires

Your True-Up process begins with a review of your software and hardware purchases and a recap of your license growth and changes. If you need assistance with your license purchase information, you can contact your LAR  . You may also check the Microsoft Volume Licensing Site (VLSC) at Once you have determined what you have actually deployed, you should contact your LAR to review any changes to the licensed products included in your EA. They may follow up with you to consult about any new products that may make sense for your business.

Thirty days before

Your LAR will complete your standard order to reflect the final products in the EA and the final licensing amount.

Right before

Your LAR will contact you to help ensure your order is moving forward on schedule.

When your True-Up process is due

Once your LAR has received your finalized order, he or she will perform a quality assurance review and then place the order with Microsoft.

Following your True-Up process

After your order is placed, you will receive confirmation of your True-Up order from Microsoft.

About your Enterprise Agreement

Your EA has a three-year term, with the option to renew after each term. As part of the agreement, for every year of the EA, your company is required to perform a True-Up exercise to inventory the number of servers running Microsoft software, CPUs, cores, desktops, and underlying OS licenses that have been added during the previous 12 months.

You may place any number of True-Up orders throughout the calendar year, but at least one must be placed in each year of the EA cycle, no later than 15 calendar days after the anniversary of the EA enrollment date.

If you did not use any additional EA products within the calendar year, you are still responsible for submitting a zero-usage True-Up order. additionally, if you start using Microsoft products during the previous 12 months that aren’t included in your EA, you will need to talk with your LAR about placing a new order to have these products added to your EA.


True-Up in three steps

To determine your True-Up, you must first inventory your desktops, servers, and underlying operating systems.

  1. An automated process conducted by a software inventory tool is most effective. You can use MAPS toolkit or System Center. For information on how we can help with the deployment and collection of data for your True up, please contact me directly or use the instant chat function below.
  2. Next, review your Microsoft License Statement (MLS), an easy-to-read statement that allows you to see exactly what you are licensed for and determine what agreements you can consolidate. You can request an up to date MLS by contacting me directly
  3. Lastly, compare your MLS to your total inventory. If you find you have deployed more licenses than you have licensed on your EA, you must submit a True-Up for the difference. I can work with you to review the results of your inventory report and MLS, and adjust EA licenses as necessary. Take into consideration both your hardware purchases and overall licensing use throughout the True-Up order timeframe.

** Please remember that all devices on your estate must be included as part of your EA**

Author: Gareth Johnson

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