VMware Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

VMware Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

A VMware Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) is a method of customer agreement that allows for the purchase of defined quantities of VMware products up front at an agreed upon discount.

VMware OEM, VIP Premier, Corporate Reseller, and Global System Integrator partners may participate in the ELA program as an additional licensing option for their customers.

Pricing level discounts cannot be indicated on this blog due to the bespoke nature of ELAs. To discuss eligibility for this licensing programme, please contact me to discuss further.

 Customers who join benefit from;

  • Customer-focussed incremental discounts
  • Flexibility – customer may receive a VPP upon request
  • Customers determine deployment period – within the ELA period
  • Customers determine use of software (servers, desktop, etc.)
  • centres worldwide Budget predictability – Fixed price for ELA
  • Fixed renewal fee, for all licences, at the end of the ELA period
  • Can be structured to the account for VMware’s ‘fencing’ restrictions


VMware Support and Subscription (SnS) is a major benefit and requirement for most VMware products.

SnS on VMware products means:

  • Technical Support – the provision of technical assistance by VMware to the customer support administrator with respect to installation, errors and analysis of problem reports
  • Subscription – the provision of major releases, minor releases and maintenance releases (if any) to the software as well as corresponding documentation.

SnS Benefits:

  • Immediate response – 30 minutes to critical situations
  • An experienced technical support engineer on site in the event of an emergency
  • SnS is like an insurance policy – VMware support has the right people, ready to go 24 hours a day, to get production systems back up and running in the fastest possible time
  • Direct access to engineering in the event of a disaster with the potential for emergency code fixes
  • With subscription services, VMware provides al major, minor and maintenance releases to the software as well as associated documents
  • Six fully-staffed 24x7x365. With over 600 people dedicated to supporting VMware customers

For more information on VMware licensing programs please contact me on gareth.johnson@crayon.com

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