WPC 2013 Day 1 Keynote

WPCDay 1 Keynote

Well, Jon’s cheesiness always brings a smile but overall… what a let down… I really look forward to Steve’s energy and explosiveness on stage. I cant help but think that the kick off this year was a little flat. Whether this is down to the imminent restructure & reinvention of Microsoft that we are hearing about in the press or the fact that last year with the launch of Windows 8 was so monumental that this year is hiding in the shadows. I will however keep an open mind and hope that tomorrow delivers some commercial value, a real shame when 90% of business is being generated from the people in the room.

Mega Trends for FY14.. no surprises here..

  • Big Data
  • Enterprise Social
  • Cloud
  • Mobility



I have always been a firm believer in the cloud and the path for almost all companies to enter. Still I feel a massive opportunity, great investment from Microsoft having over 1m servers!  and Office 365 now the fastest growing product.However I was stumped to hear that 63% of organisations would like one vendor that can provide public and private cloud?

Big Data

90% of the worlds data has been created in the last 2 years – Incredible!.


Connecting your customers, staff, partners naturally. Skype lync is great though yammer?? I think this needs some more investment.

Tami Reller’s presentation was good. She always presents extremely eloquently and definitely a great story to tell here on the Windows Phone (6x faster sales than any smartphone). Win8 equally impressive stats with a total of 100m of Win 8 Licenses sold. 20m of Enterprise Evaluations and 60bn hours of use!

The new office – fastest selling release in history – worldwide 1 copy is sold every second (I am sure they have used this stat for every version of Office??)

Expansion of the Office 365 for OPEN program sounded interesting though no detail? Does anyone know what the restrictions will be??

Windows 8.1 Update!

900 continuous improvements since launch so not sure why we were shown photo editing and hands free mode?

couple of new improvements around being able to build music playlist, great functionality though really not sure how I will pitch that to a corporate?

Miracast – mirroring functionality – turning TV into whiteboard, whilst I get it – Surely its just another Apple TV? Am I missing something?



All in all not particularly ground breaking though we will see what tomorrow brings

Author: Gareth Johnson

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